Just joined the ranks

Hey everyone, Software Engineer here, looking for a good distraction. I'm very psyched to be here, game feels like something which I've been looking for, for an extremely long time. Looking forward to see what Citadel as a team will do with this fantastic project.

P.S.: I just bought Early Access but can't seem to find the Client to download? x)


  • Got it :)
  • TeufelTeufel Celador
    I think you came at a good time. Have fun!
  • Welcome
  • What server btw?
  • I'm on Verdant for now but I could change any moment if I find nice people to play with )
  • Joined on Verdant about a week ago myself. It's been fun so far, albeit I've lost my stuff a bunch of times. Enjoy your exploring!
  • Cool, wouldn't mind grouping up as playing alone can get tedious -
    What's your in-game name? Or are friend lists not around yet?
  • Locke is my main character. I have been trying to play (grind) a couple hours a day...typically 9pm to 11pm EST. But I do think it's to the point I need to make some in game friends lol.
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