New patch

Hows everyone doing with new patch?


  • cairncairn Europe
    I'm loving it!

    Having lots of fun with gardening so I might be a huge carebear.

    Also seen a lot more people running around doing faction warfare.

    There's a few bugs and tweaks that are needed, but overall it looks like a awesome patch!

    Also, performance seems to have improved on my machine, but I've seem people complain about rubberbanding issues.

  • I don't like that horses carry 140 less.
  • after you chop a tree down it spawns laying down!
  • So does the new gardening stuff come from actual crafting by recipe or as a work order reward?
  • I try not to complain about this game but when they come out with rw recipes and then require us to do work orders til we are lucky enough to get the right recipes is plain dumb
  • Any real pvp or is it still Wyvern wars?
  • DivinorumDivinorum USA
    edited June 2019
    fibrosis said:

    Any real pvp or is it still Wyvern wars?

    I also found this discouraging and I feel they need to re-balance all combat based on recent changes to the game.
  • SyhlSyhl France

    Especially last words:
    To sumarize, removing mounted combat solves maybe problems but it brings a lot of balancing to make and maybe you don't need those time consuming things to work ... or maybe you think it won't change combat balance and think you don't have to make this work, but in my opinion it's a total mistake.
  • Still takes a dozen clicks and 5 mins of camera rotation to be able to target mobs in forest. Still can't see bandage timer under looting timer.
    They immediately released a patch for the update but have still done nothing about targetting, which has been awful since the beginning.
  • Can you pleasae for the love of God get rid of that annoying click sound everytime you click a menu item or command in game, why the hell did you put it in? I have to play with sound off as it drives me batty
  • CerynCeryn Japan
    edited June 2019
    OG Brum said:

    They immediately released a patch for the update but have still done nothing about targeting, which has been awful since the beginning.

    This right here. They claimed that they were trying to get people to switch over to ethereal horses because "regular horses suck" and you accidentally attack them while trying to mount. Meanwhile you have a ton of reasons to click your own teammates and pets (healing, bandages, etc) and a single click when you are tabbed causes you to start attacking. I have no idea why it doesn't require at least double clicking to start attacking a new target. Its quite easy to code (see LoU) and it makes it much more intuitive to change targets in the heat of a fight.

  • Combat is so pro wyvern it's ridiculous. 1guy with a wyvern can farm far more efficiently than a group of 4. Armor needs so much love.
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