Legends of Aria is an exceptional game

This is an exceptional game.

My love of isometric sandbox games stems from my time in Ultima Online. When several years ago I discovered Shards Online, a supposed spiritual successor to Ultima Online, I was immediately intrigued and purchased a founder's pack right away. I played a little then, but it was so early and so rough that I quickly shelved the game and waited.

Now, a few years later, I've come back and have been playing what's been renamed Legends of Aria for two weeks, and I've simply been having a fantastic time.

As I go exploring the beautiful lands of Celador with my ornery battle pets at my side--under wisps of drifting light that dress the Upper Plains with gold, through falling curtains of the Southern Hills' ever-autumn foliage, and into the forbidding depths of the chattering, silk-shrouded Black Forest--I can't help but appreciate all the work that's been done and all the progress that's been had by Citadel Studios for their efforts to realize the kind of game we've all wanted for so many years.

Well done, be encouraged, and keep it up!


  • NecroNecro Azure
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    Yep, that's the hook we all had. End game and karma system is where you will start scratching your face while screaming WWHHHYYYYY at the sky...
  • EigusEigus spain
    That guy is drunk or we are not talking about same game
  • I actually agree.
    I've been playing for 3 weeks and I'm having lots of fun. Reminds me of the fun I had playing Ultima Online.
  • beater07beater07 America
    It's a fun game for sure and while development of some key features is slow, it is getting there. Patience is greatly needed if you are going to keep this game on your playlist before steam release though.

    I personally shelved it for several months not because I don't like it but because I'm not patient, and rather than complaining like some do, I find other games to play while I wait for loa to become more polished. It will get there.
  • EigusEigus spain
    You wait month, lot of us been waiting years and game development is frozen. Lot of promises, false content patches and game never changed in all those years
  • SanakSanak United States
    Eigus said:

    That guy is drunk or we are not talking about same game

    Nah, just the beginning of the fanboi everything is great posts the devs specifically asked people to post during the q&a.
  • cadburylion@outlook.comcadburylion@outlook.com United States
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    Sanak said:

    Eigus said:

    That guy is drunk or we are not talking about same game

    Nah, just the beginning of the fanboi everything is great posts the devs specifically asked people to post during the q&a.
    Optimism does tend to irritate resentful personalities (though, while unfortunate for Eigus and Sanak, that won't stunt my enthusiasm), however it's nonetheless easily noted that I posted my happy experiences and encouragement before today's Q&A stream.

    I would as well encourage you who are miserable, and wishing to spread that misery like some kind of opinion that's only justified if multiplied, to go and do something that makes you happy rather than to stay here and wallow.
  • cadburylion@outlook.comcadburylion@outlook.com United States
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    Filipe said:

    I actually agree.
    I've been playing for 3 weeks and I'm having lots of fun. Reminds me of the fun I had playing Ultima Online.

    Same! It's enough like UO to stoke that good old nostalgia, and yet different enough and excellent in its own right (the immersive sound, the lighting, the art on more polished assets, the freedom of its open sandbox world and skills, etc.) to provide its own lasting appeal.
  • CerynCeryn Japan
    I really want it to be exactly like this post says it is, but the sad reality is that its not. What this game needs most is the ability to retain its new population and bring old players back.

    I followed this game for years before finally joining at early access. Myself and many others had a fantastic time and were very optimistic about the game at the start. Sadly the patch notes feel very much like a like a mobile game. They make just a few very small changes every several months and things that could easily be fixed in an afternoon are left to fester for months at a time.

    It also doesn't help that they have forewarned players that they will be creating new servers at the steam launch. This basically makes motivation to actually play on the existing servers very close to zero. People are claiming that @Sanak is just being negative, but he has been an avid poster trying to get changes to make the game *more* like UO (which is what the OP claims to like) and he also is very positive when it comes to discussions of LOU which is basically an LOA private run shard with the Ultima Ruleset.

    Those of us that are "negative" are just tired of being jerked around. I'm sure there are legal reasons they can't make it exactly like Ultima but there are many other games using a karma system that has timers which allow / forbid aggression. The idea that you have to be "all in" on being blue or orange/red without a colossal grind just plain silly and game breaking. They idea that they "can't fix" mounted combat when players were enjoying it for months is ridiculous. They never even bothered to try removing the ability to be dismounted without special skills, etc.

    If they wanted to improve Crafter / PvE players chances of escaping a gank they also could have done that any number of the ways that UO did it:

    *Defensive hiding if you break line of sight.
    *Something similar to recall if you aren't the aggressor.
    *Removing choke points for crafting. (mining everywhere)
    *Ability to teleport up and down areas with different height. (with spells or weapon abilities)
    *Incentives not to murder like a prison system or statloss as a last resort. (assuming the above doesn't work)

    The fact that many players came back for a short while when they held an event just before PAX shows that people really want to believe in the Devs. I hope they do eventually make the game something that can bring back the player base but I am very cautious about being optimistic.
  • And stop sending regular mounts to stables. They have cast and work differently from the ether ones. Or, make the new blessed.
  • It was so simple to slove the problem with ganked Miners and carpenters. The simpliest answer was and is:
    new Ability book for gatherer crafter -25 Ability Points, Requerements: 80 Mining+80 Blacksmithing, or 80 Lumberjacking+80 Carpentery, or 80 Fabrication. Makes you be able to instantly recall. Cooldown 1 Hour.

    That was SOOOOOO simple, but no, they took another stupid way.....
  • I agree with the OP, given the faults of the game and the seemingly slow response time from Devs. This game has a great open feel and potential. What it needs is continued (however tedious it seems) positive and progressive critique. The bashing and hate spam does not improve the game nor does it make your stance any more persuasive. Great example above with Profi...what a great idea! a crafter skill book (awesome), solves a player issue (PKing crafters) and has what at the surface seems to be an easy solution. BUT then you toss in the "SOOOOOO simple, but no, they took another stupid way....." statement that does not really do anything to assist your point or suggestion. It does however take a thoughtful and meaningful post and add it to the negative trend for the game instead of the positive.

    I don't know much...but I know what I like...I don't spend time on forums or in games that I don't. "Good Work and keep it up!" to the Dev team!
  • The latest q&a stream is very positive in forward movement. First one that's made me feel positive about it in awhile. Still bummed on horse patch but this was a positive move forward
  • cairncairn Europe
    I'm loving this game.

    I'm a huge fan of sandbox games and this is the best sandbox experience I had since I played Ultima Online.

    I usually only play 1-2 hours per day so I'm casual player. Took me 1 month to get my mage to 5GM but It was a fun experience.

    On Saturdays my wife and I play LoA together. We farm mobs in the guarded zones and even built a house.
    She is not very experienced in MMOs and I think this is the first MMO she actually enjoys playing.

    There's a few aspects of the game that I feel lack depth, like crafting and the item property system, which the Devs have stated that will be improved in the near future.

    Looking forward to see the content updates that will come.

  • I also agree with the OP. I'm an original backer, but didn't bother playing much in early days because it's inevitable, (I'm a game concept artist among other skills), that playing any small independent game early is going to lead to impatience and complaining. Things don't get fixed nearly as fast as folks can complain about them.

    I've played Aria the last couple of weeks, and this feels incredibly like the six years I spent in UO. I came into UO in beta, and it remains my favorite ever multiplayer game because of the things carried over in this new incarnation. It has that simple, magical something that UO possesses. It's systems are well thought out, elegant even. Emphasis is on the player "living"- housing, crafting, exploring. The place to hang you hat is as important as combat and dungeons. That is what UO was all about.

    I have played tons of games, and know a winner and loser when I see one. RG's Shroud is utter trash. You want a horrid experience, try that game on for size. Aria, in comparison, is a dream.

    While the game certainly has lots of room for improvements, it's core is stolid and suitable for years of replayability. I have encountered no game breaking bugs. It feels like there are some balancing issues that still need addressed, and hitches here and there, but demanding immediate action and endless whining never gets this done. if the game feels insufferably unplayable to you, take a break- pick another open world game and suffer through it's horrific mouse and cheese maze of uncreativity for a while, and come back in 6 months or so.

    I've learned in my years of being an artist that game design with a tiny team requires a ton of time. Would you rather have a sloppy, please no-one trying to please-everyone game with gaudy effects but no content, or, a game that is specific and inventive, but takes six or seven years to get right?

    Patience is a virtue.
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