its about faction patch for balance in the game

its all about fairplay , i suggest devs to make balance in the game. For example , if water tag players over 50, and pyros or eldeir is lower than 25 , there should be a limit for water tag.. And also , one account will be allowed to join in one faction , not each character in the account


  • CerynCeryn Japan
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    I assume that he means that there should be a system in place that prevents people overloading a single faction and just farming the events due to their large numbers. I think this is a reasonable idea but hard to do in practice.

    I guess an example would be if the "largest" faction has 30% more members than the second largest faction than players wont be able to join the "largest" faction anymore until the numbers are closer.

    The only issue I see is that people might eventually be in a position where they cannot join the faction their guild joined due to a numbers restriction.

    I totally agree that factions should be account restricted. Such that you cannot join multiple factions on the same account.
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    automate the distribution of faction members. place a status on the account if it's within a faction. remove the account from the faction if nobody logs into it for __ duration. if account leaves faction, it should stay in a limbo state for __ duration until finalized as factionless.
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