New Experimental Patch - 5/24/2019

Hello everyone!

We've released a new patch on the experimental server! You can read the full patch notes here.

Old magic has begun to awaken in the world of New Celador and with it Colossals have awoken to roam the world once more. Colossals are a new PvE encounter that operates like mini-awakenings, and the first two are Medeina, the Goddess of Wolves who summons enraged dire wolves, and Misha, the Dire Den Mother who summons dire bears to aide her during combat. For testing purposes, Colossals spawn just outside Freeman Quarry, and loot tables are not yet finalized - we're only testing encounters at this point. You can read more about Colossals here.

In addition we've also made a few changes to items that have been on the experimental server - you can now loot players you are in a guild war with correctly, the Allegiance UI window now displays the time until the next event starts, and more! Once again, you can read the full patch notes here.
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