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As a person who has participated in sword and armor combat I would like to point out that this game has greatly underappreciated the shield skill. We have that that 2 people of equal skill are put at a disadvantage against the other one if you have a weapon AND shield vrs a 2 handed weapon or worse yet dual wielding. Not sure I said that right or not. Someone with a shield has a vastly greater defensive ability over the other 2 types. Shields in this game are weak only blocking for partial damage 1/4 of the time at GM. Lots of players want to play the roll of a tank but just can't in this game. Shields should block minimum 1/2 the time and absorb damage much better. Vrs arrows they should absorb most dmg if blocked but armor should not stop arrows (shortbow bypassing less armor than warbow etc) I'd like to see shields have more armor class as size goes up (kite higher than buckler) and +1 or 2 should be more like +5 to +10 minimum. These changes make it easier for a committed warrior to take more damage but no unfair advantage to taking others out. Changes to archery would help vrs lower armor and weaken vrs defenders. Just my 2 cents, I know this game is not realistic but melee only guys need some love. I wish wisdom was 50% pure resist at 50 instead of chance to resist 50 for the sacrifice made in other stats also.


  • CerynCeryn Japan
    Certainly some change needs to be made. In UO the parry skill functions a lot like Aria but it made more sense in the context. Aria only shallowly copied the system from UO so the balance is bad. Basically it came down to the following in UO:

    Players couldn’t be easily dismounted without using a crafted item that required some semi-rare components (bola balls). This meant that it was impossible to “force” someone to fight with one exception.

    Macing (Bashing) reduced players stamina (yellow bar) and players could only move at walk speed when their stamina was low. Because of this the “fast” weapon for Macing was a quarter staff which was a fast medium damage 2h weapon. This meant you could force people to fight you if you took a quarter staff but you would never have parry unless you switched weapons mid fight. Since the Qstaff was also only a medium damage weapon the reduction was enough to mean a parrier would win if the Macer stayed with a 2h weapon instead of switching to a slower weapon with parry (like a maul or ball hammer). Alternatively you could take a slower weapon from the start but you would have a harder time preventing the opponent from running.

    The other skills (swordsmanship / fencing) benefited from taking parry because it meant you would usually win against a staff user (especially since only bladed weapons could be poisoned)

    Also 2h weapons were really really slow in UO meaning if you wanted to interrupt mages you had to use a 1h weapon. So basically a 1h weapon with a shield was a pretty good way to “round out” your character and make it good against most threats.

    Also UO had tower shields which as you said were higher armor. (at the cost of an agility/dex penalty).

    I would like to see combat improvements but with the low server population I think they need to focus on crafting / pve and making more unique farming areas (less chokepoints) first.
  • KarakothKarakoth Denmark
    I would settle with shields being proper sizes. Feels daft to use a kite shield the size of a handbag
  • This game is not UO which is fine I'm just saying defensive players have no real skills that actually make you feel "tanky" and I'm usually disappointed on the value most games place on shields. (EQ was an absolute joke concerning shields)
  • CerynCeryn Japan
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    fibrosis said:

    This game is not UO which is fine I'm just saying defensive players have no real skills that actually make you feel "tanky" and I'm usually disappointed on the value most games place on shields. (EQ was an absolute joke concerning shields)

    I agree with your sentiment. My point was more that you can’t copy stuff directly from UO but then skip the part that made it balanced or usable.

    This game tried very hard to be a spiritual successor to UO but then put very little effort into actually making sure that the things they changed were thought through.

    One of the most glaring examples is that Melee has a soft requirement for 3 stats (STR, AGI, CON) while Mages only have 2 (INT, CON). Basically Mages get WIS, WIL or STR for free (making them tanker vs Mages or able to take a “slow” weapon skill and still do damage).

    Requiring 3 skills for Melee basically means Melee can’t choose to take WIS, WIL or INT. They have literally no choices.

    To again cite a UO example, STR was used to calculate your hidden CON value. Simply put you had to take STR. Your only remaining choice was INT or DEX(AGI) or a balance of the two for hybrid. The “defensive” skills like Magic Resistance or Parry were skills so anyone could take them.

    If Aria wants to do things differently then they should take things to their logical conclusion and let players actually use stats to make themselves tankier as Melee as well. So an example would be:

    Vitality (VIT) - Your physical prowess. Affects weapon speed and damage.
    Constitution (CON) - You physical endurance. Affects maximum HP and carrying ability.
    Intelligence (INT) - Affects maximum mana and spell damage.
    Wisdom (WIS) - Your ability to understand complexities such as magic and medicine. Improved resistance to spells and increased healing from any source.
    Will (WIL) - Your determination and freedom from fear. Improves you resistance to pain dulling the damage from pain slightly reducing physical damage. Also has a small chance to resist negative affects such as bleeding, poisoning, or effects the inhibit movement.

    Now suddenly everyone takes constitution (CON). One damage stat (VIT or INT). Finally, they then choose a mix of defenses (WIS or WIL). If you want you can optionally be a hybrid Melee / Mage but you will lose defensive stats because you have to take the other damage stat.

    Just a note: The above was just an example. If they ever did anything like the above they would need to also lower the number of stat points to prevent godly melee mages that can do everything. They would probably need to make the total 120-130 instead of 150.
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