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GM'ing Fishing

Anyone have a general guide on where to fish at what levels?


  • dp_dropoutdp_dropout EU - BE
    There' no difference whatsoever between skill 0.1 and 99.9 fishing apart from the frequency of the gains. Location and kinds of fish don't matter.
  • FeastFeast USA east
    Barrel fish do not give me gains anymore. same with cooking, so there must be some kind of progression
  • Ulfric_BiermeisterUlfric_Biermeister United States
    You may need to fish in wilderness. Oasis town perhaps.
  • dp_dropoutdp_dropout EU - BE
    I GM'ed 2 fishermen in town. No need for wilderness fishing.
  • As with any skill change areas about every 30 minutes, seems to be a anti macro timer if u stay in.one place too long
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