New Experimental Patch Now Live

Last week, we introduced a new Experimental Patch that added the first iteration of Guild Wars, a revamped Cooking system, Gardening, and a host of fixes and enhancements. You can read the notes from last week's patch here.

Today, we've added the second portion of that patch to the Experimental Server for testing. Experimental Patch adds the Allegiance overhaul, which includes a third Allegiance, Ebris, ranks, events, rewards, and more. This patch also adds in the one time Karma Reprieve and additional fixes. You can read the full patch notes for today here.

Please leave your feedback on the changes on the patch notes thread, and report bugs using the in-game reporting tool. Since we recently upgraded to the latest version of Unity, the experimental client is expected to have some new issues / bugs that were not there before. Please don't assume we know about these issues and report them if you see them. With your help we will get them resolved before the patch goes to live.

To test on experimental, make sure you run the "Legends of Aria Launcher Experimental" from the Start Menu. Check the version on the bottom right of the launcher window before hitting the "Launch" button.

NOTE: It is recommended to run the main game launcher before running the Experimental launcher.

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