Any giveaways or free trial keys?

I used to be big into Ultima online for years and years. This game looks great but having been burned by preorder and games that promise to much then end up failing I am leery to "buy in" before I try it. I seen its coming to steam soon and I may have to wait for that to get there 2 hour "refund" policy. Is there any giveaway or trial keys for this game or are you committed to shelling out the cash before ?


  • I bought in too early with 2 accounts, good that you decided to wait. Thinking it would be like UO, drew me in.

    Just keep up on the forums, that gives you an ideas of what people like and dislike. You can determine what is important to you. Just keep in mind, a lot of players already high tailed out. May have to search old post, for their reasons. Good luck.
  • SanakSanak United States
    No trials, no freebies. The game is in "early access" beta mode. Official servers play like if you took uo and curb stomped it a few times. Pretty broken and messy.

    There is a community server, Legends of Ultima that actually plays just like uo, but with a more modern engine. Same uo skills/mechanics (t2a era ruleset with cherry picked features from other eras). Its honestly the saving grace of this project while the devs still try to figure out what type of game they want for official.
  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    +1 to LoU

    And yep, Officials are more like "early access" Death beta mode.
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