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Passion of Ultima Online with 2019 LOA

Here is a post I did on another thread =

I know man @ DrDoo - I just, dude, there is a billion games - so much stuff to do.

All I want is old school UO - that is why im here. Legends of Ultima has wolf mounts - I saw it, they have way better art and armor - they look awesome. I am amazed at the level of effort put in there.... still - i want official damn servers - i want devs to love it like I do - why is the changes so un-productive ?

Remember how UO had everything a certain way, then it spiraled to shit - but as we cant go back in time, we now see all of the changes, and can cherry pick them to implement...

There should be mounted combat, affordable housing - and FUN STUFF TO DO - the skill books are kinda jank, the stupid UI and client problems should have all been resolved before these petty rules

Honestly now it should be done better.


Put me in charge.

Revert the tax changes - fix the horses - the death changes are fine - do the factions -
fix the client, add a bunch of new mounts, monsters, and fun stuff to do

Make some really amazing effects, new spells, armors, archery

Put Mega Bosses - make more cool effects, needing groups to do - and then, put guild warefare

OK ?

Make it FUN -

right now its a joke, the reason I quit was the client is crappy in fighting, it needs to be handled better -

UO CLIENT was amazing -

Does anyone think we should have them put it back to the December version ?


  • SanakSanak United States
    Eventually you will come to the realization that its just not going to happen, and play full time on LOU. I was in the same boat as you. Wanted the "official" servers to be good. Its just not. So just play LOU. I held on until last Q&A when they confirmed the "fresh start" server they said wouldn't be a thing until VE was populated in a previous Q&A. Man, I couldn't be happier with LOU tbh. Have 0 plans to play official, fresh start or dead server now.
  • Sadly, they think the changes from UO is actually better, when hardly any of them are.

    So, i am going to bail on official servers, until one of the other games i am waiting on comes out. I bought 2 accounts and that is all the money they will get out of me.
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