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Hunting Unintentional Horse Dismounts

Grim_CSGrim_CS Contact@citadelstudios.net Administrator
edited May 7 in General Discussion
Hail Legends,

Due to the recent changes with horses, it is my belief that there may be a some actions that unintentionally dismount players from their horses. Therefore, I am hunting these actions down, so that they can be eliminated.

If you know of or suspect an action that dismounts you when it should not. Please post below or submit a bug report in game.

Example: Selecting a a preferred arrow type dismounts you when it should not.

Thank you,


  • Spell Chamber
  • Any sort of fighting action dismounts me as well ;) I dont think thats wanted

  • renaming a marked rune
  • every thing is dismounting me... Bandage, spell, fighting.... i tought the only thing that should dismount is the weapon ability ''dismount'' !
  • btw any skill book dismount even b4 casting it on someone
  • Pressing bandage dismounts you, even if you don't "release". I would argue that bandages shouldn't dismount you, but if they do it should be based on USING it... not pressing the button
  • You can use bandage while stealthed. Thats right!!! you can que up a bandage, then vanish wait for the bandage timer to expire and bandage and stay stealthed.

    Fix that man
  • Using ability books without a target, like hamstring or charge
  • BarcodeBarcode san francisco
    casting fishing pole dismounts you
  • JormanJorman Turkey
    using etherealize potion dismounts

  • wontonToday at 2:48 PM
    i dont want to make an account to post about dismount things but lockpicking dismounts
  • Ewok_CSEwok_CS Celador Administrator
    edited May 7
    Wonton from Discord has said lockpicking dismounts & cutting fish
  • BarcodeBarcode san francisco
    Using lesser heal potions dismounts (not sure if this is intended) and not sure if other potions causes dismounts or are intended to dismount as well.
  • MorphMorph Denmark
    Taming dismount you, that is not a combat action... The idea you posted was any combat related actions such as healing your self, attacking someone, casting combat spells ...

    Gate/mark does not dismount you as it is not a combat spell, why does taming?
  • Grim_CSGrim_CS Contact@citadelstudios.net Administrator
    Big thanks to everyone sent in a report!
  • CerynCeryn Japan
    zacharie said:

    every thing is dismounting me... Bandage, spell, fighting.... i tought the only thing that should dismount is the weapon ability ''dismount'' !

  • AarcainAarcain Washington State
    When I cast Teleport I am dismounted. I wish it wouldn't do that. I also wish teleport wouldn't put me in combat mode once the port was complete.
  • edited May 12
    When using the "all kill" command for pets. It dismounts me when my pet attacks anything.
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