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What is the point of the Dread?

edited May 6 in General Discussion
Seriously ... what is the point of this horse?

He takes up 4 slots and is unbelievably inferior to that of a Wyvern. Why aren't Tamers similar to that in UO where a Nightmare is a Tamer's mount and dragons, etc. are a tamer's weapon?

Every time I tame one of these Dreads, I feel like it's a waste. It's only good to level on ... that's it. They are harder to tame than Wyverns, which is great for gains, but other than gains, they're useless.

Can we ever expect to see the Dread be similar to that of the UO Nightmare?
Can we ever expect to see skill books for Tamers?
Can we ever expect to have the ability to train our pets like in UO?
Can we ever expect to have our tamed pets retain their magical abilities?


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