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Disappearing Pets Bug

Grim_CSGrim_CS Contact@citadelstudios.net Administrator
edited May 3 in General Discussion
Hail Legends,

I am currently investigating a bug that has been frequently reported in the past several days regarding the disappearances of individual's beloved wyverns and horses.

So far, the only information I have received is upon death (or maybe resurrection. I have had conflicting reports) tamer's pets are vanishing. Unfortunately, I have not been successful in my endeavor to cause my own pets to disappear.

Therefore, I am creating this thread in an attempt to elicit more information regarding the bug.
I have several specific questions:

When you died and your pet disappeared,
1. What were you doing?
Like were you casting, were you running, what was attacking you, were you pked, etc.

2.What was your pet doing?
For example, was your pet fighting a mob, following a friend, set to guard yourself and fighting or something else.

3. Where were you at and where was your pet at?
Where you in the same region, were you close to eachother, were you inside of a dungeon or out in the open world, or in your own house.

4. Would you mind providing some character details.
What is your karma level, are you a mage or a fighter, etc.

5. Do you have any other pertinent information that would assist me in identifying and eliminating this bug?

6. Additional question, how long were you dead for, and where/how did you revive.

Thank you for your continued support. Hazzah!


  • 1. Fighting mobs in dungeons and Reds in wilderness areas
    2. Fighting/Guard
    3. Close together.
    4. Tamer with high karma
    5. 1st reported 4.29.19
  • edited May 4
    1. I was hunting with a friend in BF spider nest. My friend died and when I rezzed him, his horse was gone.
    2. The pack-horse of my friend was in the house of another friend in the spider nest save waiting with "all stay" command on it and standing right next to my horse. His horse was almost full with loot. He was "friended" to the house.
    3. same region (see point 2)
    4. No idea of his karma lvl, but he is a full fighter GM Swordsman
    5. we tried to search the pet at the rezz stone and he tried to relog etc. but the horse just vanished without a trace.
    6. He was like 3 minutes dead (see point 1)
  • Ewok_CSEwok_CS Celador Administrator
    A fix for this bug was pushed out last night I believe!
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