Where is everyone?

rolled on Verdant Earth in Eldeir Village and I've seen like 3 people total in the week that I've been playing...


  • AspetraAspetra USA, Maine - Verdant Earth
    edited May 2
    Valus bank is the populated area on VE. My guild hangs out at Pyros but that area can be quiet.
    If you have any questions or need help on VE, feel free to message me on discord Aspetra#1536
  • DireDire Canada, UO Napa Valley pre Tram, UO SP
    Time to move to the actual real server where everyone plays, Azure Sky.... no way I'd play this game on a dead server, did that on Siege P and Darkfall lol
  • JprossJpross lberube9@hotmail.com
    Azure Sky is pretty empty too... It used to be full at some time but ppl are mass leaving at every patch since they dont listen/dont release any content.
  • what server do you guys suggest?
  • AspetraAspetra USA, Maine - Verdant Earth
    I suggest Verdant Earth, and look for the University guild. It is a guild built specifically for helping new people get into the game and learn all the basics.
  • Azure was very hard to get into at launch. Mainly where verdant players came from was simply needing a place to actually log in and most stayed
  • We are the left overs :)
  • Morgan73Morgan73 Switzerland
    what server do you guys suggest?
  • I am on Verdant Earth and in a guild called Late Nite..on average we have 15-25+ members on daily/nightly.
  • Even Crimson Sea (which is considered low pop) has a lot more people than the one the op reported.

    Eldeir usually has more than 10 people (around bank, carp and fabrication stations, etc...)
  • The clan I am in has 500 members and only 3-5 log in. Even AS has lost population. Personally I stopped playing and waiting for the new Steam server to give it another try.
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