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clowncheeksclowncheeks patrick.martin.chmielewski@gmail.com
Hello all, ex UO player here. I have a couple questions if you'd all be so kind as to answer:

1. I'm in China (I don't know if there are Asian communities here, but I'd prefer to play with English or Spanish speakers if I have a choice. I understand that I may not have a choice, however). Do I need a VPN to play this game? If so, it will likely be too slow. Even if I don't need a VPN to play, I'm worried that the server will be in Europe or the US and therefore be too laggy to play effectively. If I'm not mistaken, I understand that there are three official servers: Something sky, land, and sea. Where are these servers located? I'm hoping to find the one closest to me. Are these the only three?

2. The game is downloading as I write this, and I'm thinking about the character I'd like to play. I'd like to learn the basics of the game through pvm with a mage. I'll worry about pvp later. However, I'd like to primarily play a mage. For any ex uo players who know the insta hit, does it exist here? Can I make a template with a weaponskill in order to wield a slow, heavy hitting weapon, while casting spells in between melee hits? Are they effective?

3. Although I want to primarily play a mage, I realize I'll need money for reagents. I've seen a few guides, and I know that halls of corruption is a great place to start and amass a stockpile of reagents. But as a day 1 mage, I don't think I can start there. So I'll need money for a horse, reagents, and probably I'll need a fireball spell or something in addition to whatever starting spells I get. Also I may need to buy a few starting skills to 30 or so.

So this question is: What do you recommend for amassing this initial amount of gold needed? a blocking melee type fighter? What should the first two hours of gameplay involve?

4. Is there a recall spell here?

5. Can I buy spells from the mage shop, or do I have to inscribe or loot from mobs?

That's all for now. I'm sure I'll think up more questions later. Thanks in advance for all of your help and I hope to see you game!


  • aspetra_2000@yahoo.comaspetra_2000@yahoo.com USA, Maine - Verdant Earth
    1. Crimson Sea is a European server, Verdant Earth and Azure Sky are both east coast US servers.

    2. So the best bet for anyone starting off is to start with a tank/warrior that way you are able to farm the money you will need to start working on a mage. Mages do exist in this game just as they did in UO, the only big difference is there is no Magic resist skill, and Magery is broken up into two seperate skill lines in LoA. Manifestation (healing type spells) and Evocation (Damage Spells). Coming soon mages will be able to equip a staff also.

    3. Starting off in the beginning you will want to hunt in your local town sewers, then move to the local town graveyard until 60 then you slide to halls of corruption until 80. Worry about building your skills up by playing the game, and the money will come naturally as you progress and grow. I have a few spots that I have found over the course of my 5 months of playing that i can go to and farm money fast and solo if I do not have a group to run with.

    4. There is no recall, but there is a portal (gate) spell you can get in the Manifestation skill line. You make marked runes with the Mark spell also in the manifestation line.
    You can also take a marked rune and bury it in the ground to create a gate. but it will be gone once you use it. (I make several runes for hot places for my non magical characters to use.)

    5. You can get some spells as drops off mobs, hence why if you start with a warrior type character first you can get a lot of the grunt work done before you start your mage, but there will be some spells you simply cannot find without buying off another player, an Inscription crafter.

    I want to wish you good luck! Remember that it is a game, the journey, the memories you make with your new friends in the game are what make LoA one of the best MMO's I have played in years.

    If you happen to play on Verdant Earth then feel free to look me up on discord (Aspetra#1536)and I will be happy to help you out, I am also the guildmaster of a guild called Bruhalla there.
  • clowncheeksclowncheeks patrick.martin.chmielewski@gmail.com
    Thank you so much for your help, Aspetra! I'd love to connect with Bruhalla, but I'm afraid Crimson Sea will be the closest server to me...it seems that's the best server choice for me :/
  • aspetra_2000@yahoo.comaspetra_2000@yahoo.com USA, Maine - Verdant Earth
    Your welcome, and good luck in your adventures across Celador!
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