Launching game fails?

RexAlbaRexAlba United Kingdom
edited April 2019 in New Player Nook
Hi all,

I just bought the game and patched it up, im trying to run it from the launcher as it says all patching complete but when i click to play another launch box appears for a split second then closes and nothing else happens.

Am i missing something or are there any known compatibility/start issues please? Am excited to start playing this as an old UO player.



  • GypsysmokeGypsysmoke United States
    I am having a similar issue. Is there any known issue with the launcher downloading the client for the first time?
  • Ewok_CSEwok_CS Celador Administrator
    Hey, try downloading the client using alternative method which you can find in tour dashboard just below the launcher link. If you still have no luck l
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