[PvP] Hardcore KAOS guild PvP

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  • So here is some context. This character is an apprentice mage. I literally just lost Initiate status. So fighting back isn't really an option. I went out to harvest some Cactus. The reds killed me literally one screen away from the rez shrine. So I didn't really have to "lure" them to the rez shrine. They know where it is and it was right beside me when they spotted me. Now, I have no problem with being killed-- it's part of the game. The reason I kept rezzing after the first time was just to see how many times these toxic players were going to rez kill me. I knew I was recording and I wanted to catch it on video because this is the type of behavior that we as a community need to correct. We can't expect the game to grow once it hits steam if we have reds doing things like this. If I was a new player and this happened to me I would be extremely frustrated.
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