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TinyImpsTinyImps United States
Dont get me wrong, I love the game. Only thing...
I feel like it's a more of a magery and tamer/archer game. You need to have a mage in this game or you will be struggling traveling. Every single accounts or house has vendors. What good is it when no one barely buying anything so it's mainly you got your own crafter. Not only that, it forced you to join guild. You cant max out your skills or level unless you go out to the pvp zone. Cant even mine unless get pked every night. I can see 1vs1 but 1vs4? Come on. Most of them guild are mainly friends and no outsiders. It's also a territory type of thing. Same group of people at the same spot all the time. Cant even do what you want to do. So, at the end you simply farm gold, pay your plot tax, do tmaps....in the blue zone.


  • Atm I've been doing awakenings and camping rare spawns, eventually things will get better or the servers will close.
  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    Still the same eh? Haven't been back to it in over 2 months, was hoping this post had some progression in fixing the game issues. Ah well.
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