beginner guides - help

Can you suggest (link to) a few beginner guides? I am somewhat lost.
How do I cook
Where can I find a sword?
that type of stuff. really noob things


  • Ewok_CSEwok_CS Celador Administrator
  • Ewok_CS said:
    I agree Wiki is key! Just type sword or whatever in the search bar.
  • yes I have looked there but not much help on specific things like how do you cook food? make bandages, things like that. Mostly all I figured out so far is how to chop a tree and make boards lol
  • Bandages = hunting knife used on bolt of cloth from tailor's shop. Makes 5 bandages per bolt of cloth
  • VolasVolas Earth
    Or you can pick cotton, weave the cotton on a loom into cloth, then cut the cloth into bandages. Saves money! ;)
  • AspetraAspetra USA, Maine - Verdant Earth
    But just be aware that in order to make the cotton into a cloth you will need skill in fabrication.
  • Just buy bandages at general store
  • ShermSherm United States
    So on the Wiki it lists Scale Armor has having the same defense as Plate Mail ? Is this correct ? Scale has a slightly less agility penalty . Just wondering ...
  • Yes. Virtually it's all the same at the moment with tier of armor until fixed
  • Scale is 1 less per piece than plate and chain is 1 less than that
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