New players questions, kindly help

1. Where can I get items to restore my mana (blue bar)?
2. Where can I hunt to level up?
3. Which resource gathering skills should I take? Lumberjacking?
4. Do I need reagents for EACH time I cast a spell?
5. I have items I don't use in my backpack, where can I sell them to?

Thank you very much.


  • kareemkareem canada
    1. You can get mana potions from players or as loot from some mobs, most people would use channeling
    tho its a regen overtime skill.
    2. I suggest the bandit camp near lake tethys until 60 skill in whatever you choose.
    3. Depends on what you want to do, make your own armor or weapons? try mining and blacksmithy. Cloth
    armor is fabrication, and carpentry for lumberjacking. all up to you. there is more than this but these
    are a few examples.
    4. Yes, fail or succeed it will cost you reagents.
    5. You can sell them to any merchant really, but some things they just will not purchase such as worn
    equipment or recipies ( which can be sold at your own personal shop )

    Hope this helps !
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