Questions about game release.

As someone who was quite addicted to UO, just the news about this game are surely exciting for me.

Now, I have a few questions about how it'll be on the release day.

1- All servers are going to be wiped, right?
2- How many official servers are there?
3- Will the game be released on Steam the same day that it is released here?
4- Is it a true release or will it be another game that stays on the early access for years?

Looking forward to play this amazing MMO, maybe collect a few heads, or maybe just hunt some Ancient Wyrms.


  • 1. No Wipes
    2. ATM 3 Offical
    3. Its already released in EA. Steam will be SoonTM.
    4. EA release for unknown amount of time.
  • DemonicDisasterDemonicDisaster United States
    i dunno why a lot of people keep thinking servers are gonna be wiped...
  • beater07beater07 America
    They feel they should have the same starting point as everyone else, despite showing up to the party late. Actually party is almost over so a wipe would just end it sooner.
  • I think the game is doing just fine wiping itself. They might as well clear the servers for the new blood when it hits Steam, the dedicated supporters have all but left anyway.
  • EigusEigus spain
    edited April 14
    I have char full skilled up, but game is pretty fail enought to not make a wipe only a wipe + a miracle amount of game improvement can do something with this game when hit steam in 2030
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