Ideas, questions

Hello Everyone,

When I heard the New UO would release soon, I drive into the game directly. Over All, the game is soo nice, It reminds me of the old UO days. I have been playing for just 2 so if I write something wrong, excuse me. But a couple of things doesn't feel right for me.

First of all, I really don't like the act of pets after dropped on them. I believe they should move as their last commend.They just stop:(

For items(specially armors), there is no insurance and durability or resistance.

Skill cap is 600 which I don't any use with it because there is no resistance spell skill anymore. Will be there any Power scrolls for plus 100?

For skill gain, I can't find anything, What is the skill gain chart or are some of the skills harder than each other?

I believe that if you have got more than a couple of accounts, you can connect with them at the same time. But you don't have you need to find a quiet place :) Maybe there should be a common bank option for trading between own characters.

what do you think?


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