What is the point of food in game?

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I've noticed that some food heals well (e.g. Bread) and some does nothing at all but still has that eating progression bar anyway and campfire heals better than anything (except you can't fight or anything unlike with Bandages). So, why the food is there at all? I mean, I want to know what it does. Are there any buffs or it's just there for future additions to it?


  • Currently food does nothing more than heal you up quicker. The long term goal is to make rare food cooked by a GM cook to give buffs. Like +2 def for an hour, etc.
  • ArtArt Crimson Sea - EU, Southern Hills, City of Valus
    I see, I kind of thought of that stuff. Thank you for the answer!
  • I guess il reveal the secret food is OP stamina is OP infuse ? abilities ? full stam almost instantly w good food cheap ez wins in pvp
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    Maybe a bit too powerfull next post is gonna say nerf food
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