Best way to farm gold solo ?

Been out in the wilderness killing trolls and bandits, bandit camp near Helm, decent money but takes a while to build up, any other suggestions for solo PVE ?


  • I have found Bandit camps or Graveyards are good if you are just starting out. You want to be able to kill them in a 1 or 2 hits should be about 35-45 mins or maybe less for about 1g.
  • Make a tamer.
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    Its pretty easy to farm almost 2 gold per hour in Corruption with very low risk of death. Use a character with high strength to hold as much loot as possible. Get 45 Agility and a weapon with mortal wound. Find a couple rooms with 6-8 gargoyles/greater imps and time your kills so that they respawn one at a time. Kill them as soon as they respawn and repeat the pattern. If you time it correctly you'll know when they will respawn and can control the rooms.
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