GM'ing Archery

Where are some good places to gain after 90 with archery? I have been killing forest watchers but not sure if they give gains after lvl 90, and if so, where is the cap you can gain from them?

Thank you


  • wafflepkwafflepk United States
    edited April 4
    I'm not sure about the cap on forest walkers, but I would just do bugbear missions. You can GM off of those and you get around 12ish silver per completion. Also, if you dual box and can portal, you can mark runes in the spawn locations and teleport directly too them for greater efficiency. I use two characters to grab a total of 6 missions and complete the 3-4 closest to each other.
  • FeastFeast USA east
    Which town gives out the bugbear missions?
  • wafflepkwafflepk United States
    All of them. A lot of people say Helm is the best because you can get then closer together. Make sure you click on the dispatcher and cycle through to grab 3 in the same spot.
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