Do you HAVE to be a fighter?

One thing that interested me about this game is that it is reminiscent of old Ultima Online. Back in the day, I was an alchemist, poisoner, scribe and mage. I didn't engage in PVP or much PVE, save to train up my magery, meditation and evaluate intelligence so my spells wouldn't fizzle out and packed a punch when the situation called for it. What I enjoyed most was alchemy (hence the username lol). I look forward to playing a game again where I didn't really have to be a fighter and want to be a dedicated crafter, namely, you guessed it, an alchemist with inscription, should it become a skill. I had fun making my potions and scrolls and selling them in my vendor shop, a small stone thatched roof cottage. I want to do the same again. Granted, I am not saying I am against PvP. I enjoy the fact that PKers are back in LOA and the challenge they present. Also, PKs are good for business as they keep people demanding poisoned weapons, scrolls and potions lol.

I miss my little magic shop and I hope to recreate that here in LOA. Will I be able to do this?


  • SheermSheerm United States
    Oh yes. I mine and craft armor . And lumber jack and wood craft. I am occasionally killed usually resd by the red after being relieved of the gathered resources of course but yes crafting and selling is alive and well.
  • KarakothKarakoth Denmark
    You need a good spot to sell though. Price isnt everything. Spot is. If you get a spot near gates, roads to GY, close to a dungeon etc. You can sell a fair volume. If you dont get a good spot. Well even selling horses at 50 copper will not happen :-P
  • ChrystiChrysti Europe
    Levelling is so easy and even more so with the abundance of power hour options handed out that everyone has their own crafter. Sadly even with a good spot to sell demand is near to none.
  • SheermSheerm United States
    You can sell back to the NPC as well if you need cash. That was how I saved enough $ to buy my initial plot and house . Just my 2 cents worth. ( I still do sometimes if traffic has been slow .
  • Ah, so demand is low due to everyone having mule characters? Well, that puts a damper on things. I was hoping to make a nice profit with a magic shop.
  • I figured with a game with open PVP that player made goods would be in high demand due to them dying and being looted and needing to restock their equipment.
  • SheermSheerm United States
    My mining character has been Pk'd a few times my fighter has never seen a red and only very few orange who were just passing thru. Armor and weapons wear out I have been thru several weapons , picks, and at least two sets of armor. Well only changed the helmet for looks but the rest has worn out.
  • SheermSheerm United States
    If I am in a hurry I will buy have bought if I am not in a hurry I make new.
  • SheermSheerm United States
    Money is relatively easy to come by for warriors . They can battle in the local graveyard. Explore dungeons at least one dungeon is protected. Corruption.
  • SheermSheerm United States
    Mining can be dangerous in unprotected areas but the whole risk reward thing ya know.
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    The game revolves around the main emphasis of fighting and PVP, which the Devs have been focusing on. You cannot relax here and be a crafter. Even at low levels in protected zones you are constantly attacted by NPC animals, bandits, etc.. Then at higher level craft you will have to gather in a small enclosed area where RED players have fun killing you.

    You can have fun for awhile being just a crafter if you play on a player run server with no PVP. But even that got boring because of lack of players in the game. However..there is plenty of good land spots on player run servers to open you shop :)

    The game is all about constant fighting. i played a long time and quit because im bored of games with 90% forced fighting and 10% other activities.
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