Healing self with bandages

Hail! I was wondering if there's a shortcut for using bandages on self outside of hitting the number slot and then G? If not, is it legal to macro that since it's not "unattended" macroing?


  • CalredonCalredon Germany
    You can map the slot to a key, and you also can map certain functions. Put "target self" i.e. on "Q" and then put the bandages in a slot and map that to "E".
  • SheermSheerm United States
    Please explain mapping a slot .
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    Sheerm said:

    Please explain mapping a slot .

    In this case "mapping" or "binding" would be assigning a keyboard key to that particular slot.

    If you go into settings (by clicking the gear on your minimap), then click on the controls tab, you should see numbers appear over the various slots.

    You can then assign a key to the particular number slot you're after.

    For instance, I've assigned the key "X" to the slot that holds my bandages and target self is "V", so I just hit these two keys when I need to heal quickly.
  • I use a combo of 2 hotkeys
    -one for targetself
    -one for any action you choose

    if you go to the game setting and keyboard tab all the "slots" or action bar ....whatever you want to call will show you. If my memory is correct it goes from left to right starting with 1 and ending on the right side.

    find the default "targetself" hotkey, replace it with any key you want ( I choose 2)

    back to the game chat window type this exactly:
    a window will pop up
    type, useresource Bandage (<--notice the spelling and uppercase letter. Type exactly)
    click update
    choese any icon you want to represent this action and drag it to any slot (I pick slot 1)

    now when I heal with bandage I click 1 then 2.


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