Increase Deco Fun 100 % - Ad Vertical to the Turning Moves

edited March 2019 in General Discussion
Hi all.

I noticed that we who love to decorate and try to create cool stuff with housing are very limited with our options to become creative due to the missing of vertical turning.

The weapon racks that are not used could right away be cool as soon as we can turn weapons vertical with deco tool

Currently a basic decoration thing of every Housing Game is - to hang up your cool weapons on the walls. Not possible as long as you do not add vertical to the Deco Tool Turning Options.

I think i do not have to elaborate how many new cool decoration options would become possible.

By the way: My wife was very sad to see that you did remove the option to move Items very low or almost into the Ground.

Why: You may resolve some - lost items problems - but on the other hand you did destroy huge amount of creative options to make a house look cool.

For example now we can´t make a cool looking fire in the so far not working Fire Place in the House. We can´t push a fountain down into the ground to make the upper part only usable for smaller housings and so on.

So the price we often pay to limit decoration options to resolve some other issue should be carefully considered.


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