[APEX] Recruiting!

Hello there, APEX is currently recruiting!

Right now we are MAINLY looking for people with a skill of 80+ and are interested in PvP BUT

-- we welcome everyone and even new players; you're extremely welcome --

-- you will get alot of help and guiding to get into the game and well - anyone is welcome, but we preferably right now want 80+ people aswell to start doing some real PvP/activites etc. That being said; read on:

» We are looking for mature players who want to enjoy the game at fullest.
» We also do not pressure our members to do anything that is against their playstyle.
» We are looking to build a large core of players from all EU time zones.
» Our long-term goals are to be competitive in all aspects of the game.
» Our short term goals are to enjoy ourselves while doing so.
» We have active officers that are always seeking proactive members who'd like to organize or give suggestions on guild events or activities. We also have various awakening/pvp events scheduled!
» Currently we are active in pvp, awakenings, dungeon runs. We also offer protection for guild crafters during their mining.
» We also have various pvp events and exclusive guild pvp ranking system on going!

Looking forward to seeing you! Contact Rife or any officer for an interview once you join the Discord server.

(PS. invite.gg/apexloa only works in a browser, good for those who do not have Discord installed so you just simply click the ilnk and you will automatically join your server and you can then create an account + download the app from there)invite.gg/apexloa


https://guilded.gg/apexloa <- Can submit an application there or contact Rife or any of our other officers, once you have joined our Discord or guilded.gg site.

We are growing quite rapidly and I (the author of this post; even though I copied the form from Rife's LoA Crimson Sea #guild channel) am our "lead programmer" - we're collecting data etc and having active modding discussions cause I am 100% devoted to create mods/addons/a discord bot etc etc. If there are more programmers out there - I want you! ;)

I have 20+ years of programming experience myself but having more people who know what they're doing would be of extreme help.

Anyways - I hope to see you in APEX soon!
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