Steam Release Still & Date?

CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
edited March 15 in General Discussion
Just looking over the new Trello road-map and i cannot see mentioned the Steam release date or if it is going ahead.

Anyone know anything?


  • nobody knows nothing
  • This game is not ready for steam...but, who knows what they are going to do.
  • Steam release date appears to be shifting, the steam page said March 21 and it has been updated to say Spring 2019
  • SanakSanak United States
    During the Q&A today they wouldnt even give a timeframe for steam release. Guessing due to missing the launch date over and over and over again. Best guess would be steam 2020.
  • CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
    More like 2025
  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    which will be first LoA or Star Citizen?
  • NecroNecro Azure
    Hopefully not. They need a finished product or the steam trolls will review bomb it and it will fail before ever getting a chance.
  • Walty said:

    nobody knows nothing

    So, everyone knows something?
  • Walty said:

    nobody knows nothing

    Chuck Norris heard nothing could kill him...

    So he tracked down nothing and killed it!
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