Steam Release Still & Date?

CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
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Just looking over the new Trello road-map and i cannot see mentioned the Steam release date or if it is going ahead.

Anyone know anything?


  • nobody knows nothing
  • This game is not ready for steam...but, who knows what they are going to do.
  • Steam release date appears to be shifting, the steam page said March 21 and it has been updated to say Spring 2019
  • SanakSanak United States
    During the Q&A today they wouldnt even give a timeframe for steam release. Guessing due to missing the launch date over and over and over again. Best guess would be steam 2020.
  • CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
    More like 2025
  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    which will be first LoA or Star Citizen?
  • NecroNecro Azure
    Hopefully not. They need a finished product or the steam trolls will review bomb it and it will fail before ever getting a chance.
  • Walty said:

    nobody knows nothing

    So, everyone knows something?
  • Walty said:

    nobody knows nothing

    Chuck Norris heard nothing could kill him...

    So he tracked down nothing and killed it!
  • CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
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    It is slowly getting there ... just need to sit and be patient.
  • EigusEigus spain
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    They did it lot of times. Send lot of mails telling us lot of vapor ware then after 2321323 months still NOTHING. they are releasing steam and promising lot of stuff that never comes almost 2 years and half and in all thise time, game have less content than alfa with some less bugs ok, but we are talking about years of "working" false promises, false dates over and over again.
  • Launching the game on steam late is better than launching the game on an "arbitrarily" set time.

    As someone who is on VE which is the dying US server, believe me when I say that I would love for them to release the game on steam. It would theoretically boost our population. On the flip side I understand why they aren't ready to launch on steam.

    This game should not have been released on early access. It should have spent another year in beta. I assume that by pressures of the community, investors, financial runway, the game was pushed to release sooner rather than later.

    Releasing on steam now will have the same affect as releasing early access had. Players will join and within 3 months the majority of the population will have experienced all of the 'content'. Server pops will decline again and we're back to nasty forum posts about 'vapor'.

    They're currently building and balancing all of the systems that will make the game sustain itself on player to player interactions as well as additional content to server a larger population.
  • EigusEigus spain
    edited April 2
    U are talking about another thigs, The game is bad and they know it , its why they dont release on steam OK. But that is not the question, the thing is why they send mails with a lot of promising features that are always finished with a release date, then a week early delay all and they dont says nothing about it, what happend with all those features, why they announce it? its not sell vapor ware? is not to grab money with the hype and run another year with noticeable content? what are they doing with all those time, that they are " working in the shadows"
  • chrisx9chrisx9
    The game is not bad, not at all. It is just not rich enough to entertain certain people for a long enough time. For normal players, there is a ton of stuff to do and it can keep you entertained for a while. However, most ppl that left obviously didn't enjoy gaming for a "long while". It looked more like rush through, get it all done in super short time, all chars developed, all monsters killed, all items gathered... and then getting bored. "Missing end game", "missing content", etc etc are the complaints. While it is true that it needs more variants in all kind of activities, it is just not that kind of game. It is a sandbox game and sandbox is a lot about your own creativity. This has nothing to do with bad or not bad, more like if you like the gamestyle or not.
  • Game is good and it's improving, don't listen to any trolls in this thread.
  • DemonicDisasterDemonicDisaster United States
    There are games currently on steam that are a lot less developed than LoA
  • game needs more content getting old lacking alot
  • SoapSoap United States
    Keep mounted combat and I’ll keep supporting LoA and testing your early access faithfully. The last time I’ll express my pure sorrow about the removal of this feature.
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