Anyone else notice runestones arent consumed when buried?

My brother has 2 runestones to our house and when he told me that it didnt consume it, at first i didnt believe him but he showed me and sure enough, it did indeed NOT consume the rune. Has anyone else experienced this and is this possibly a bug?


  • I just tested it with a runestone. It consumed it.
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    It is a bug, the rune should be consumed when you use it.
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    i would just kept reusing it instead or posting here. Why didn't you just report it to GM instead.
    Oh and by the way it does get consumed. You might get about 2-3 charges. Not all marked runes have same effect. I tested it too.
  • What I have noticed and reported:

    They do not vanish if you teleport to a different area of the map. If you use the runestone in the same area it gets used. I have had the same runestone in my backpack since last patch and have used it many times.
  • Ok i can confirm that they do NOT consume if you double click them and the rune is marked in a different zone than the one you are standing in.

    You should report this in the bugs forum
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