Decoration Competition event on Crimson Sea (but different) (Deadline 30 March 2019)

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Hello Hello you decorators!! Here is one for you!

Remember the good old UO days and some of the art pieces people made?

I do! I was one of them:
(just some tid bits I made I could quickly find a picture of).

So what do I ask of you?
Make a piece of art with common items. We are all able to have gorgeous rare piece of deco that is just an item but there is no creative in that!

I challenge you to get creative and make something impressive.

Post a screenshot of it here in this post and find me on discord (Chrysti#4680) to arrange validation that it is your work on your plot.

Deadline: Saturday the 30th March 2019 8pm GMT (Dublin time)

How will you prove it is yours? Great question!
Change the name of the plot on the mailbox while I am with you.


You invite me to a trade of your property.
Standing by your mailbox you invite me to trade ownership via the mailbox
A deed to the plot will show up in the window proving it is yours.
I will NOT accept the trade and neither do you.
I just need to see that it is your property.

I will donate 5g toward the prizes and I welcome donations of money/items toward this. As usual all prizes will be paid out and no cut is taken by me.

The winner(s) will be picked Saturday the 30th March 2019 8pm GMT (Dublin time)

Depending on the entries and prizes available there may be anywhere between 1-5 winners

I will have a co judge(s) which will remain anonomous until the winners have been decided.

I look forward to see what you all come up with!


  • ChrystiChrysti Europe
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    Entry verified! We have a robot :D I named him Wall-E

    Ownership verified by transfer of property invite which was immediatly cancelled and only used as method to proof ownership. Verified on my Mage Auraya.
    Borislav said:


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