Archery 'Tweak'

To make archery viable and varied from the other classes move and shoot has been the #1 suggestion by the community.

I think a good implementation for this would be to integrate the stealth bar for archery visual feedback.

1. The player toggles combat on and the stealth bar appears and begins to fill up.
2. When it's full they can stop moving and fire at their target.
3. If they initiate a special ability like overpower then the bar returns to zero and starts to fill up again
4. rate of bar fill up is affected by agility/bow type/special ability type



  • As a player with 3 characters that have archery. I rather like this idea.
  • I should only need to draw my bow once before I shoot very similar to magic. As it stands every tiny movement requires me to draw bow all over again. Mages being more mobile than archers seems awkward.
  • I'd actually also suggest that perhaps strength become a factor in draw speed. Seeing that the stronger the person the faster they can drop a bow. Would have a bigger affect on a heavy war bow too.... OOOOoo
  • CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
    I would like them to fix the problem with distance still.

    It isn't as bad as before but is rather annoying standing 4 tiles away and it says you can't see the target!
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Stop mages from casting while moving, or apply an accuracy penalty to both.
  • Archers already shoot while moving.
    Practice around a bit and you will figure it out.
  • NecroNecro Azure
    Ruggero said:

    Archers already shoot while moving.
    Practice around a bit and you will figure it out.

    Not really.
  • I do it all the time, and all my archer guild mates do it too.
    If i knew how to make a video i would post it.
  • Dbl Shot on a short bow is the only way I can shoot and move at the same time.
  • Ranged weapons work in the same way as melee ones, if you get the timing right it doesn't matter what you were doing between one shot and the next. You short bow shoots every 2 secs? (30 Agi) Then shoot, move for 1,8 secs, stop, insta shoot, move for 1,8 secs, insta shoot and so on.
    You need to stand still only for the fist shot and in case that you miss your timing and need to reset.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    If you need to stop every 1.8 secs to shoot, then saying they work like melee weapons is false.
  • I like this idea, allow me to run past the 1.8 timer (with short bow) without resetting draw. It is almost perfect now, just need to let us keep running with bow drawn (past the 1.8 timer) and then stop to fire.
  • +1

    I dropped archery two times past 90 skill on two Seperate characters because it just didn't compare to other builds.

    Once on a hybrid and once on my warrior. I like archery but it's just so clunky to use.

    Also, why can't we get a craftable quiver to cut down on weight.

  • I assume CS think increase weight limit on your backpack was much easier fix than creating new graphic and coding new crafting skill/item.

  • RemeeRemee Kentucky
    GM Archer, is a very stationary lifestyle in pvp. In pve its not bad. You don't have time to miss a shot in PVP.
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