How is the game now?

I quit back in the beginning of January due to the game needing a lot of work. It seems like people are still complaining about the same stuff on the forums.

What improvements have been made since then? Their patch notes don't seem to indicate much progress.


  • Lots of work being done on. The tundra update. About it
  • Dungeons got good update
  • There have been alot of great changes made and implemented by CS. There are still many issues/concerns around pvp/pve balance/crafting/prestige books.
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    Well, not sure that's the type of improvements that will get people to return.

    Having said that, just quit WoW again. Don't think I'll ever play another game with endless gear grinds ever again. Got tired of running around in my 320 iLevel gear with one of the worst PvP specs (subtlety rogue). Not to mention everyone seems to be playing a demonhunter or using potions to uncover me half the time.

    And there is no immunity to snares.... literally spend every group fight snared, stunned, or out of energy.

    Rant over!
  • Jahjohama said:

    There have been alot of great changes made and implemented by CS. There are still many issues/concerns around pvp/pve balance/crafting/prestige books.

  • gear is ez pvp needs to be easier to find game is fun will be better with more people to pvp vs or areas that have pvp hotspots
    I roam a lot solo cant find much to fight in pvp solo

  • I love the game tho
  • It's moving along just fine. Reminds me of UO from 1997 to 2000. Took them a few years before they really gained traction.
  • SoapSoap United States
    I love the game but there is so much that needs tweaks, additions, reworks. This game is going to take some time and I hope it gets there. There’s so much that could be done with this. Things we haven’t even touched upon yet. Reminder: it’s early access. Whatever that means to you, games not finished, so keep that in mind. But yeah, loving the game and can’t wait to see what the devs do with it. Inb4 tomatoes.
  • Rev JoeRev Joe Fractured MMO (in Alpha)
    Enjoying the game, I can see this one just getting better! (although, I would like to see the mini map fixed :-P)
  • NecroNecro Azure
    Great in most aspects. Need to implement stat loss for reds and improve archery. Releasing on steam without dealing with the red issue will guarantee failure. Shit I'll go red just to prove a point if they do.
  • Reds aren't an issue. Lack of places for reds to actually go is. When all of your content is corralled into about 5 spots that players find worthwhile to farm, reds seem like a far more prevalent force. If the overworld spawns were improved, more dungeons were added, mines weren't just dead ends, and the map were bigger, the red players and blue players would be more spread out and the whole thing would be resolved.
  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    I've hibernated the game, both on official and Community. Having spent time on a full Pve server, I got to explore. Wow Reds have a lot of EMPTY land, like miles of desert with no spawns, no wonder they are bored, honestly I love creating my own fun, but they don't give you anything to work with, no where near Conan Exiles nor Dark and Light.
  • Game is dead and lack on content, few and scarce updates that doesn't add any real reason to keep playing, for real, game still need a year (or 3 at current pace) of development to be enjoyable, to summarize, still boring
  • It's basically tamer central...
  • game is Bravo^^
  • Game is getting better; players are getting worse.
  • Squid said:

    Game is getting better; players are getting worse.

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