Warrior (lancer) build


I would like to ask your help to build my character.
I decided to go with
Heavy armour

32 str
38 agi
10 int
30 const
20 wisdom
20 will

I don't have yet abilities.

Any suggestions concerning especially stats, abilities, armour/weapons are very welcomed.

Thank you


  • M4nuM4nu Italia
    i have the same build, change only a bit the stats

    such as ability at the moment i have stun strike, charge and vanish.
  • ilcontegisilcontegis Switzerland
    Hi M4nu,

    Thank you for your reply.
    Which stats correction would you recommend?

    Also where did you find the abilities?

    Thank you
  • Are you looking for a more "general" build or a highly specialized assassin taking advantage of the hiding/stealth skills?

    general build:


    charge/vanish (good luck getting your hands on this one)/hamstring

    39 agility allows you to wear full plate 36 agility would allow for scale and 33 for chain and still have the attack speed increase from 30 agility. You are going to be limiting your prestige ability choice options by taking heavy armor and not taking blocking. If you dropped heavy armor and took light armor instead you would have many other options available to utilize and still be able to keep lancing/hiding/stealth.

    assassin build:

    50/45/10/25/10/10 - must wear const. jewelry.

    if you are determined to use the heavy skill you will limit yourself to chain and need to get your agility to 48 somehow. light would better serve your purposes.

    charge/vanish/dart or adrenaline rush (hamstring if you want heavy) are a good combo for this build if you take light armor. idea is to stab from hidden, stun - vanish then stab again for a 2 hit insta-kill combo. not easy to pull off, built for specific situation and relies on one of the most expensive and hard to obtain skill books in the game - vanish.

    I am assuming you a new player to the game. if i were you I would take the general build from above and modify it slightly.

    go something like below.

    40/39 or 36 or 33/10/40/11 or 14 or 17/10

    heavy armor - 100
    blocking - 100
    healing - 100
    vigor - 100
    melee skill of choice - 100 - slash/bash or pierce slash or bash is what i would take since you can utilize good 1 handers and powerful 2 handers.
    for the 6th skill you can take archery which can be nice for pve and pvp and has good uses. or some amount of manifestation for emergency cures/heals/teleport/cloaks or hiding which has its own usefulness as well. You can also just take any skill that floats your boat I dunno fishing or treasure hunting or something. for the prestige skill I would look at

    Charge/Shield Bash/Vanguard or drop one of the stuns and take any other prestige available to you that you like.

    Just some of my thoughts. Please excuse typos or missing words.
  • ilcontegisilcontegis Switzerland
    Thank you very much.
    I'll switch to light armor and follow your suggestions.
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