Scope for New Players

Have been playing for almost a week and am enjoying leveling. My archery is nearly 50, so I can kill a bit more and can spend time in the red areas. Nevertheless, as I learn more about the game, I'm wondering whether there is any room for new players on existing servers.

First, all the best housing spots seem long gone.
Second, everyone seems very advanced and I'm guessing can make themselves anything I might try and sell.
Third, got ganked today by a player with much better gear and skills. My loot must have been peanuts to him or her, but all of it was taken. I understand this is part of the game, but on a server packed with high level toons, the levelling process for (I'm guessing, very few) new players looks like it is going to be a major pain.

So, wondering what the game offers to new players. Are there new servers coming on line? Is there any means of effective levelling on the existing servers without being fodder for the server long timers?


  • CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
    So like in real life you have to wait and buy a 'best housing spot' when you have enough gold .... they ain't going to open any new servers just so new people can 'get the best spot'.
  • can't say for all red players, but regular they dn't take all
    edited March 4
    let be honest, between join as fresh on this totaly exploited server's, or join the next gen sever's, i would join the next gen, but if you found a guild, an active one you can get into the game, all depend on your rng... sadly...
  • ChiChi United Kingdom
    I've started playing on a community PvE server for pretty much the same reasons.

    I started about a month ago. Have managed to build a house, can make some basic stuff and to be fair am enjoying the game. Now I can happily explore the Corruption dungeon the only new areas/dungeons to explore are in the wilderness. I don't want to have to visit in a group all the time and I'm not enjoying dying to players who vastly outdamage me.

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