What other game did you love and/or are playing? And why?

I have a long history of playing MMORPH's, and is still my favorite hobby :) The following few were my favorites:

---Ultima Online:First game that had me hooked on gaming! Had multiple accounts and played about 12 years.
WHY: Community and made friends, open world housing, crafting, and had continuous new content and items.
Reason i quit playing: The monthly fee, and outdated graphics.

---World of Warcraft: Beautiful characters and colorful world, quests, and crafting. I could FLY !
Reason i quit: Played about 1-2 years- There was no community i was used to because of no open world housing.
And all your trophies are just little pictures that cant be placed in the world.

---Albion Online:Colorful world with fun crafting and a packy mount.
Reason i quit: forced PVP---> had to gather high end resource and be hunted by PK in a small area.

---Legends of Aria: Crafting was a bit more unique and has Open World Housing!
Currently playing but becoming very bored because of learning there are no cool objects, no trophies to show off.
And i have to play on a Community server to not have the forced PVP.

---Everquest 2: Just started playing this and so far love the questing, and still learning the crafting. There
is alot of cool items to craft or place in a home in this game. Although i read there is both open world housing
and instanced; with the open world house if you want to pay alot of money.

So, any other game for players like me who want open world housing, community, and lots of shinny items to play for?

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