LOA University for new players on VE

ragonrokragonrok Eldeir
New to the game?
Join LOA University

LOA is a knowledge based game. It is very easy to build a character that sucks. Nothing is handed to you in LOA.

What is LOA university?:
-provides players with starting gear and money
-run by all the most prominent guildmasters on the 'Verdant Earth' server
-trains new players how the game works and how to make $$/craft/pvp/pve/etc.
-features weekly events hosted by UofL faculty
-completely inclusive of anyone below level 80
--after your skills are 80+, you have graduated and eligible as permanent facility or eligible to join one of the 9 guilds running the university

Any play-style will be trained to the best of our ability, by some of the best in every field.

Join us on discord and pepper us with questions!



  • That's awesome, good job dude.
  • NighthunterNighthunter Nighthunter
    Verdant Earth has a great community of people that has a lot of room for many players to come and shape it.

    If you are new there is nothing better than joining the University to learn the game. Your progress will be greatly boosted and you will pass other players that have no guidance.
  • This is a really good idea. I really like that we might not be murdering the new players and driving population down.
  • ragonrokragonrok Eldeir
  • bump
  • ragonrokragonrok Eldeir
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