Can't Get Combat Skill Past 80

Hello everyone,

I have been grinding for several days and I cannot gain combat or armor skill past 80. I have been hitting the Catacombs outside Eldeir Village and I haven't seen a single skill gain in days. Any suggestions on where to go?



  • Black forest. Dungeons. Missions 'stomp ...' from the dispatcher. Liches. Wyverns. Those are some.
  • Risk/Reward as above

    You can either venture out into the wilderness/dungeons and go for skillgains + loot
    Or use the dispatcher for Ogre spawns ("the ground shakes at...") which happen to also spawn in guarded areas, the trade off being you just get some silver for your time. is slightly out of date but might give you an idea where you want to be.

    Good luck
  • Thanks guys, I was able to get a few gains this afternoon. Your suggestions are appreciated!
  • Safest route is Missions. You can select those in Safe Zones. Ork missions should get you to at least 90 weapon skill. Then Bugbears for the rest.
  • With this post, how does the mining skill exceed 80? Thankyou~
  • Go mine in the wilderness caves where obsidian etc spawns
  • Armonius said:

    Go mine in the wilderness caves where obsidian etc spawns

    Thankyou~ I am looking for it.
  • Trolls to 90 then missions
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